We work from innovation and research to extract from nature the biomolecules with the best properties that adapt to the skin. Thus, we strive to ensure that the skin reflects its beauty and health to achieve harmony between body and mind.

BIO MER's mission is to offer the best biomolecules for your skin, extracted from the best algae and medicinal plants, from all the seas and territories of the world, highlighting the exceptional biodiversity of the environment of the Mediterranean Sea and the Region of Murcia

BIO MER is inspired by ancient therapies to achieve Body activation and mental calm

THALASOTHERAPY Use of the benefits of marine elements: mud, algae and marine macro and micro-organisms.

HYDROTHERAPY Use of water and its temperatures to promote activation of blood circulation. Excellent to provide relaxation and well-being.

HALOTHERAPY Use of salt particles for the health and well-being of the skin.

BIO MER has collaborated with the Association of Naturalists of the Southeast (ANSE, www.asociacionanse.org) in the collection of algae and native medicinal plants. This flora, cultivated and extracted through ecological and sustainable procedures, is what we use for its subsequent characterization and recreated in the laboratory.

ANSE is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that carries out numerous scientific investigations on Environmental Biology, the results of which are very important when it comes to claiming the protection of certain natural spaces and wild species.

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