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In order to achieve the best results, it is essential to combine cabin treatments with home skin cares. According to every skin’s need, BIO MER has developed three facial treatments to maintain a healthy, smooth, bright and young-looking skin.

All treatments contain a huge amount of natural active ingredients that have been carefully selected by a scientific and professional team. Mar Mediterraneo algae extract is a common ingredient of all products and treatments. Its wealth of minerals, promotes cell stimulation, delays the appearance of wrinkles, purifies and eliminates toxins, creating a perfect balance of the skin. The certified organic Aloe Vera, whose beneficial properties regenerate and hydrate the skin, is also a common ingredient in all treatments.

Our products can be mixed in order to achieve synergies and new textures. Furthermore, they can be combined with the aesthetic equipment required at each stage, such as facial steamer for cleaning, oxygen machines and ultrasound for optimal penetration of the facial products.

All treatments leave the skin in perfect conditions and a very satisfied, ready to repeat customer.





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