High natural cosmetics

Our first line of facial skin care consists of eleven top quality products. After several studies, we have incorporated the unique properties of Mar Menor algae.


Facial skin care

Legend says that a water nymph crossed the Mediterranean Sea, reached the fountain of the Thader River and swam along all its springs and branches. On the shores and nearby lands, she discovered many medicinal and nutritional plants. The nymph led the Iberians to the spring Agua Salada and the river shores of the Thader River, teaching them to grow and use its herbage, such as algae and all kinds of aquatic and terrestrial plants whose extracts they used to nourish and heal their bodies and skin, achieving an exceptional longevity, youth and beauty.

  • Professional eye contour Sireia, with Hyaluronic acid and Helix Aspersa
  • Professional anti-age cream Sireia, with Centella asiatica stem cells and Vitamin E
  • Professional day cream Sireia, with Sweet almond oil and Galactoarabinan
  • Profesional night cream Sireia, with Wheat germ oil and Shea butter
  • Professional facial tonic Sireia, with Cucumber extract and Rice extract
  • Professional facial serum Sireia, with hyaluronic acid and stem cells
  • Professional Enzymatic peeling Sireia, with Papain and AHA’s
  • Professional clay mask Sireia, with argain oil and peppermint
  • Professional cleansing milk Sireia, with Camomile extract and Jojoba oil
  • Professional Foaming face wash Sireia, with Rose hip oil and Aloe Vera
  • Professional unifying cream Sireia, with Helix Aspersa, Ellastin and Collagen