Salty Lagoon

High natural cosmetics

BIO MER launches this BODY&MIND treatment with 100% carefully selected natural ingredients from the Mar Menor and other parts of the world.

Salty lagoon SPA THERAPY

BODY&MIND treatment

This combined cabin treatment consists of a mechanical-enzymatic PEELING, followed by detoxifying SEA CLAYS with algae and salts from the Mar Menor. The culmination of the treatment is a draining massage with firming and anti-cellulite OIL. The three steps are complemented by a MARINE CONCENTRATE from the Mar Menor, which enhances the body massage, offers a great versatility and can be used in all kinds of facial treatments.

  • Anti-cellulite body oil "Salty lagoon" Spa Therapy
  • Marine concentrate “Salty lagoon” Spa Therapy
  • Natural Soap “Salty lagoon”
  • Mar Menor sea clay “Salty lagoon” Spa Therapy
  • Exfoliating Peeling “Salty Lagoon” Spa Therapy
  • Sweet Almond Oil “Salty lagoon"
  • BODY MILK "Salty lagoon" Spa Therapy