Mar Menor

balance of body and mind

Mar Menor (Little sea)

Due to its geographical and climatic features, the Mar Menor is Europe’s largest open air mud therapy area. The excellent weather conditions such as high salinity and many hours of sunshine a year are the main cause of centuries of depositing sludge suitable for natural therapeutic treatments.


The Mar Menor “limos” (sludges) have proven beneficial to health because of their high absorption, their natural ability to balance the acidity and promote healing, so their use is highly recommended for many types of skin diseases. A research conducted by the University of Murcia found that these sediments contain a high percentage of cations, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fluorine, as well as anions, chloride and sulfate, much higher than expected, even in water of this salinity.


A lot of different types of species, developed in the waters of the Mar Menor, have caused a high scientific interest for their singularity in the world. The most of the dominant are species with a high tolerance to saline environments and lack of water and nutrients. Hence, the presence of plants with a large quantity of phenols, lignins, wax coated leaves and succulent roots. These features reduce water loss and, at the same time, help these plants hold more liquids. These typical plants of the Mar Menor possess properties that have given excellent results when using them in natural cosmetics.