BIO MER Y LA AECC: United against skin cancer


A morning with the Dragon Boat Team,

Bio Mer Cosmetics has started collaborating with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC in Spanish), and this last Sunday 23rd July, they asked us to give them a hand to concern people about skin protection against the sun, also to inform of any irregularities you could detect on your skin, especially moles, informing and giving tips for prevention, such as a good life style and healthy food, also different diets a patient could have when undergoing the side effects of the cancer treatment moreover all the services the association has to help and support the patient & their family.

The Dragon Boat is an association it is actually a rowing boat club of a special for canoes, they have their teams where they train and compete around Spain and internationally, and they use a special type of boat that has the shape of a dragon, following the legend of a Chinese minister & poet Qu Yuan.

The Association also train women that have gone through a cancer and usually have also passed a traumatic operation. The training helps them recover mobility & strengthening the affected area. For them it is also a social meeting and gives them a chance to go out and enjoy themselves, because they make teams, they help each other when they fill down or have to overcome their daily struggles with the after effects of what they have been through therefore it helps their moral issues and enhances self-esteem creating a happy point of view about life.

We had a nice day with them, they seemed happy and lively, some explained us their hard experience with the disease how did it change them moreover their family and friends who are all also affected and don’t know how to cope or help the patient.

In all we had a lovely day with everybody.

Equipo AECC

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